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The Integrated Marketing Communications Mix Model

Marketing communications is a part of marketing just as advertising is a part of marketing communications. When asked, ‘What is marketing?’ it is usual to talk about the ‘marketing mix’ and the most typical way of describing this is as the ‘4Ps’ – Product, Price,


How to boost remarketing lists for search ads

If you work in digital marketing, you most likely have heard about remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) from within Google AdWords. Incorporating RLSA into search marketing campaigns allows marketers to: Improve the marketing experience via more tailored messaging and user experiences (ad copy and


Predictive analytics and regression analysis

From Wikipedia: Regression analysis is widely used for prediction and forecasting, where its use has substantial overlap with the field of machine learning. Regression analysis is also used to understand which among the independent variables are related to the dependent variable, and to explore the forms of these relationships.


Big challenges behind the Big Data

Much as the Internet upended industry during the last two decades, big data’s potential to provide companies with deeper insight into their businesses seems destined to generate both upheaval and endless opportunity. The tumble and roll should only increase as the data heap grows.Abundant data and

KPIs for ecommerce web sites

Providing KPIs enables your colleagues to focus on the parts of their online strategy that are most effective at generating more visitors, leads, conversions, and revenue for the business. The key for large organizations is delivering different KPI reports to each stakeholder and ensuring that

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Cloudera’s Distribution for Apache Hadoop

Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (hereafter CDH) is an integrated Apache Hadoop-based stack containing all the components needed for production use, tested and packaged to work together. Cloudera makes the distribution available in a number of different formats: Linux packages, virtual machine images like vmware,


Big Data architecture

The key element not required for Big Data is a relational database to provide the backend platform for data processing; indeed, the steps required for processing differ from standard structured data modeling and require more file-structured data structured with metadata associated like with Operative Systems


PayPal to Connect Mobile Ads to In-Store Visits

If you visited a fast food joint or designer clothing chain, PayPal wants to know. The company has linked up with mobile location tracking firm Placed to connect the ads served through the PayPal ad network to real-world store visits. Placed has a panel of


Pentaho’s secret

Pentaho is the first commercial open source BI platform, which became popular quickly because of its seamless integration with many third-party software. It can comfortably talk to data sources: MongoDB, OLAP tools: Palo, or Big Data frameworks: Hadoop and Hive. Pentaho is excellent when it


How to unveil the truth behind your secret BIG data

Latest technologies can collect a huge amount of data coming from unthinkable sources of data. It’s not easy to measure the total volume of data stored electronically, but it has been estimates that the size of the “digital universe” at 0.18 zettabytes in 2006 and


An Overview Of Facebook Advertising

The growth of Facebook as an advertising medium cannot be disputed, and more improvements and changes are on the way. Social marketing company Wishpond presented a host of facts about advertising on the social network, in infographic form, below, including the fact that mobile Facebook users log on an average

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STAR: Cluster

StarCluster is an open source cluster-computing toolkit for Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).StarCluster automates and simplifies the process of building, configuring, and managing clusters of virtual machines on Amazon’s EC2 cloud. StarCluster allows anyone to easily create a cluster computing environment in the cloud suited

Challenges of Big Data in statistics

When innovation plays important role in a company especially at budget level and allocation of resources,  it is important to shape and define expectations and identify constraints that can create points of failure. This is the case of Big Data where: high dimensionality, large sample

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Why Knowledge Management is important?

Despite the active interest in managing organizational knowledge as a strategic resource, most Organizations do not yet understand the challenges involved in implementing knowledge management initiatives. Much of the knowledge management literature has been either conceptual or based on individual implementation cases. Which are the

Genetic Algorithms and parallel computing

Genetic algorithms draw their inspiration from evolution and natural selection. Through the process of natural selection, organisms adapt to optimize their chances for survival in a given environment. Random mutations occur in an organism’s genetic description, which then get passed on to its children. Should

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Apache CloudStack 4.0 Expands the Open Source Cloud

    After months of incubation, the first official release of the Apache CloudStack project is now available. In April of this year, Citrix formally walked away from its Project Olympus OpenStack efforts and instead donated CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation. via Apache CloudStack

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Government online public comment forums with Open Town Hall

Peak Democracy Inc develops internet software that augments and diversifies online civic engagement. The Company’s flagship product, Open Town Hall, has trail-blazed a new software market called government online public comment forums. Open Town Hall’s online public comment forums have the order and decorum of

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SeeClickFix to communicate with public officials

SeeClickFix is a free mobile phone and web tool that allows citizens to report non-emergency issues, to communicate with public officials, and to engage with fellow citizens to help find solutions to problems in their neighborhood or town. Reported issues are displayed on a web-based

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Newsflow for news analytics

Newsflow is a dynamic, real-time map of news reporting, which displays both the latest top stories as well as the news organizations which covered them. All articles are from the last few minutes. Viewing news in this way lets us see how the choice of

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Textizen for smart citizens

Smart city in practice One of the most important aspect of the concept of intelligent city is about the connection between citizens and governments. With smartphones and social media technologies, it is now possible to share and connect citizens with governors and majors and propose services

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Behavioral interactions and big data – Java Storm

One of the surprising outcomes of the Big Data paradigm is the shift of where the value can be found in the data. In the past, there was an inherent hypothesis that the bulk of value could be found in structured data (“databases”), which usually


Paradox of innovation in high competitive markets

Research shows people like new products and services. They want them. And, indeed, they go out of their way to try to find them. Yet companies are truly terrible at providing the new products and services that meet their customers’ needs. In the 1980s, research

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The Future Of Mobile

The future of Mobile conference in San Francisco. To kick off the conference, the BI Intelligence team put together a deck on the current trends in mobile, looking closely at the growth of smartphones and tablets, the platform wars, and how consumers are actually using their

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Django from UML – a python resource

During the implementation of big projects, I found very useful tools to convert diagrams into code and in particular python code. I found a tool very useful to allow UML data modeling into pure hard coded django application. Other tools already allow you to do

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BioPerl for bioinformatics

The programming language Perl  is very popular among Bioinformaticians being a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. The overall structure of Perl derives broadly from C. Perl is procedural in nature, with variables, expressions, assignment statements, brace-delimited blocks, control structures, and subroutines. Perl also takes features

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Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report 2011 released

The 3rd annual report on nonprofits and social networks has been released recently and can be downloaded here. The report provides insights for nonprofits, foundations, media and nonprofit focused businesses about the most important behavior and trends surrounding social networking as part of nonprofits’ marketing, communications, fundraising, program

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2012: year of mobile and cloud platforms

It is always more evident that we are now entering in a new era in the Information technology. The main innovations in 2012 will be mostly two: mobile platforms and cloud computing Mobile platforms While last two years social networks represented the most important innovations,

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Greenpeace, its green marketing vs. toxic brands

Research commissioned by Greenpeace International has revealed that clothing and certain products sold internationally by major clothing brands are manufactured using nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), a persistent chemical with hormone-disrupting properties that builds up in the food chain, and is hazardous even at very low levels

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What Social Followers Want

Brand marketers want consumers to follow them to build buzz and engagement, but social media users are also interested in deeper engagement: the top motivation of social users is learning about specials and sales of those who friended or followed a brand online, supporting the results of

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The Marketplace of Perceptions | Harvard Magazine Mar-Apr 2006

behavioral economics—the study of how real people actually make choices, which draws on insights from both psychology and economics. see “Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision under Risk”,  Daniel Kahneman, LL.D. ’04, of Princeton and Amos Tversky of Stanford. via The Marketplace of Perceptions | Harvard

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Some design principles » Design Thinking

Tim Brown posted an interesting and inspiring article on Design concept: “Design is an agent of change that enables us to understand complex changes and problems, and to turn them into something useful. Tackling today’s global challenges will require radical thinking, creative solutions and collaborative

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In or an Out Leader?

In “Are You an In or an Out Leader? – Gill Corkindale – at, Gill hghlights two different kind of leaders: In Leaders: Focus on results and deliverables Coach and support their people Build team spirit Offer expert knowledge or share experience Monitor performance/quality

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Communicating with Project Teams and supporting virtual organizations

In Communicating with Virtual Project Teams/Creating Successful Virtual Organizations – Virtual Communication – HBS Working Knowledge, it emerges a close relationship between being a good leader in virtual teams and manage teams in a real world. The article focuses on three main important aspects of the collaboration in

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Linux Hard disk addressing and the Linus elevator

To understand the role of an I/O scheduler, some background information is necessary. Hard disks address their data using the familiar geometry-based addressing of cylinders, heads, and sectors, or CHS addressing. A hard drive is composed of multiple platters, each consisting of a single disk,

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How to deal with decades of economic crisis and slow recovery

“The crisis is over!” – how many times we heard a such promising statement shouted out on mass media and magazines, by journalists, presenters and optimistic politics? Unfortunately, metrics and performance indicators in financial markets and economic reports depict a different situation. The forthcoming years will

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Forecasts in 2009 and 2010…

What will happen in 2 years coming? The end of the crises or the beginning of a disaster? The current crisis is particularly severe and worse is to come in the train of recurrent crises under capitalism. For this reason I believe in 2009 there